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February 1, 2020

Global Study Finds Orgs Are Failing to Protect Data in the Cloud - Infosecurity Magazine
Whilst nearly half (48%) of all corporate data is stored in the cloud, only 32% of organizations believe protecting data in the cloud is their own responsibility. Furthermore, the research found that more than half (51%) of businesses and other organizations still do not use encryption or tokenization to protect sensitive data in the cloud.
Storing data in everyday objects | ETH Zurich
Researchers have collaborated to develop a means of storing extensive information in almost any object. The way of storing this information is the same as for living things: in DNA molecules. A further application of the technology would be to conceal information in everyday objects.
UN didn't patch SharePoint, got mega-hacked, covered it up, kept most staff in the dark, finally forced to admit it • The Register
The United Nations’ European headquarters in Geneva and Vienna were hacked last summer, putting thousands of staff records at miscreants' fingertips. Incredibly, the organization decided to cover it up without informing those affected nor the public. As to the miscreants' entry point, it was a known flaw in Microsoft SharePoint (CVE-2019-0604) for which a software patch had been available for months yet the UN had failed to apply it.
Data Science Institute Researcher Develops a Detector To Stop Email Scams | Data Science Institute
Whereas in the past attackers would send phishing scams from email accounts external to an organization, recently there’s been an explosion of email-borne scams in which an attackers compromise email accounts within organizations, and then uses those accounts to launch internal phishing emails to fellow employees – the kind of attacks known as lateral phishing. FBI data show that these cyberattacks caused more than $12 billion in losses between 2013-2018. And in the last two years, the attacks have resulted in an increase of 136 percent in losses.