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April 18, 2019

You don't need a PhD to phish a Brit university: Nonprofit claims 100% hit rate is easy peasy • The Register
British university admin folk are alarmingly easy to phish, according to an academic support body which claims a 100 per cent success rate "within two hours".
NASA's crap infosec could be 'significant threat' to space ops • The Register
NASA's Office of the Inspector General has once again concluded the American space agency's tech security practices are "not consistently implemented".
Oops! Almost a year in and ICO staff haven't been handed a GDPR privacy notice yet • The Register
The UK's data protection regulator has failed to follow its own advice, admitting a privacy notice for its own staffers – one of its key recommendations for GDPR compliance – remains "under construction".
Don't have a heart attack but your implanted defibrillator can be hacked over the air (by someone who really wants you dead) • The Register
Protocol allows a nearby miscreant, with the right radio gear and in the right circumstances, to send commands to the implanted cardiac device that reads or writes memory in the gadget. That means someone can, at the right moment, maliciously manipulate the operation of the vulnerable implant over the airwaves, potentially harming or perhaps even ultimately killing the patient.